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Electric Showers : Supply and Installation.

Tritan , Mira, Gainsborough, Redring, just to name a few of the makes available . 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 Kw power ratings . What is suitable for you. 1st job check your fuse board, do you have a spare way and does it have RCD protection ?. This is the most important question, wether its a new installation or replacement of an existing unit. If you dont have RCD protection then the first job is either a new fuse board or a seperate shower consumer unit.

Any work in the bathroom by law has to be certified and building control informed , This is a typical Stand alone shower consumer unit Typical Cost of shower consumer unit installed with incoming tail splitter box earthing etc, including certification  £ 250     

Illustraion picture only the actual consumer unit could be B&G  Hager or as shown Wylex Replacement Main Metal Case Fuseboard with RCD protection   and earth bonding incoming tails brought up to standard including certification allow for a cost of..............£ 490

Existing shower replacement, we find most existing shower wiring is 6mm twin and earth, this is okay for a 8.5 Killowatt replacement but you can,t replace it with a more powerful unit as the wiring can't supply the required power.

If you want to increase the specification of the shower then the supply wiring will have to be changed to a 10mm twin and earth cable from the consumer unit through the shower pull switch  to the shower itself. Depending on the lengh of cable required and the cost of copper at the time of install allow approx £ 180 - 250 for cable installation.

Then there is the shower, depending on the make and model can cost from £ 100 to £ 400

We have a high standard of workmanship what ever the job .We value you as a customer and will make sure your fully informed of any work being undertaken . We will fully instruct you how to use any equipment installed by ourselves and we are only happy when you are happy.

We sometimes take longer than competitors when installing this is due to working around you and trying to minimise any distruption.

Our normal installion times are Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm we can work through the night and at week-ends but this would increase the labour costs as the engineers get paid extra during this time period, we would be happy to quote you for out of hours installation.

All electrical work where required will be certified and relevant authorities informed.

Contact Details : Tel 01162333666  email : robert.young57@ntlworld.com