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New lighting is designed all the time keeping up to date with designs and energy saving values takes  a lot of time the latest LED  security light are smaller than the coventional 500 watt halogens but they are instant light and take only a a millisecond seconds to get to full brightness. A 30watt light is normally sufficient and replaces the 500 watt halogen with a suitable brightness and a lot of energy saving.

LED Lighting : Useful link to my other web site   www.bobyoungs.co.uk

This will take you to our other website and give you an insight to all our electrical and gas services including electric boilers and heating systems.

LED lighting has over the last few years has been refined and now makes a good choice in designing lighting systems that are efficient and consume low energy . For further infomation please call.

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The Manager is Mark Swinfield and this a new venture for Medlock in Leicester they are next to Screwfix therefore thaey have to be good. We buy our electrical goods from them and they will supply you check out the quality and price.

With the cost of power today its important to get your lighting requirements right or you will pay the price through your fuel bill and not be helping to save the planet . We now have low energy lighting in many shapes and sizes from compact flourescents to LED lamps its a complete jungle when designing the correct lighting for the right application a little help from ourselves may save you a lot of time and money. 

Different parts of the house require different types of lighting depending on the activities in that area. If its a lounge area then the main area could be low energy lighting with selected areas for reading or dining with a hobby room requiring strong lighting along with the  cooking and food preperation areas. External security lighting also requires careful design a 500 halogen light can soon have the electric meter spinning like a top and if you have multiple halogens then your electric will take a pounding.  If you have an energy monitor installed you will become very aware of what power you are using and it will make you think hard on the lighting you have.

We can design your lighting requirements and help you save money on your on going electricity bill. We can also supply and fit a energy monitor if required.

We need light but a well designed and balanced system can look good and save money long term,

Once again we are only a phone call away and estimates are free.

Please telephone  or email using our contact page and we will get right back to you

We have a dedicated website for House Rewire and Fuseboards www.homerewireleicester.co.uk

Contact Telephone Number : 01162333666  email : robert.young57@ntlworld.com

Dangerous Fuse Boards - New Fusebox - Rewire

We have seen this many times on visits to electrical breakdowns. This is sitting on a wooden plinth and the fuse box has an open back . Short circuits cause instant heat and this results in fire with the unit being open backed and on wood then this is a disaster waiting to happen.Also the damaged front cover means the possibilty of a shock is real and remenber electricity kills. On checking the electric wiring we undertook a full rewire not before time.

If you have a fuse board with ceramic fuses then you can say that a rewire is required, if you look further you may find the switches are screwed to wooden back boxes, no earth within the lighting circuit. Lighting circuit will have no protective earth wire. Incoming power tails will be under sized and not up to current power requirements. Also no rcd protection and if you have a shower installed then you really are in danger.

Check your wiring if your wiring is over 30 years or more look out for cable like this vulcanised rubber insulation okay years ago but now  it has degraded and can cause short circuits . This type of wiring requires replacing as soon as possible as it is a danger. You will also find a lack of earth wires and the incoming supply cables will be undersized. If in doubt call us we dont charge to inspect your wiring .