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Smart Carbon Monoxide

We can also supply user manuals useing our down load page ( next page ) should yours not be listed then call 01162333666 and we will try and locate one for you ( there is a charge for this service ) to cover labour and postage.

Wired systems , most buildings have wired systems and its only recently ( past few years ) wireless system have come on the scene , You can now have a graded ( insurance requirement ) wire free alarm that when installed and connected to a telephone line will contact your mobile or other numbers stored in its memory ( only cost is the phone call )

We also supply and install Eaton Icon wirefree systems which are app controlled as well as keyfob for the more tech minded people. You can control your system vis your Tablet Phone or Computor.

Average price of wirefree alarm with 3 pirs 1 door contact 1 control panel 1 external sounder 2 remote setting fob  £ 490 supplied and installed this a discounted price on our website you are saving          £ 60 on our list price of £ 550. 

The average system takes 1/2 a day to install with little or no damage to decoration, a normal telephone line is required for the communications to work but if you have no telephone line then a GSM dialler can be used ( similar to a mobile phone with a pay as you go sim card ) this would  priced at time of quotation.

The System is not just and alarm system it can be a total home safety and security system.You can also connect wireless smoke detectors , C.O.2 detector , panic buttons , flood / water detectors.  up to 28 devices can be installed. extra setting fobs are available allowing all users to set and unset the alarm without a code.  You can design your own system or we can design it for you  estimates are free.

Existing Alarm Systems.

We will take on maintenance of existing alarm system regardless of age , We will also advise when parts are wearing out or causing false alarms and  advise the best way forward taking costs into consideration. What we offer is sound advise and good value. 

If you need another user manual check the following list and download the pdf file.


Paragon Plus User Manual




Optima XM user guide


Scantronic Original 9448 user guide


Scantronic 9100 user manual

Scantronic 9200 User/Engineer

Scantronic Wireless 500R User Manual

Scantronic 816 User Manual


Veritas Master User Guide


 Aritech CD32 User Manual

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