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Smart Carbon Monoxide

Tado how it works for you.

Smart Thermostat that replaces the thermostat you already have and takes control of your boiler via a mobile app that works on iphone oe android pc and laptop.

You set the temperature that you require within the premises for comfortable living via the app.
The system is linked to your WiFi and using the internet and connects with your mobile phone. When the last person linked to the system leaves the house the system will after a short period switch the boiler off. Should while your out the temperature drop below 5 degrees  the boiler will switch on to avoid the buiding freezing. When you are on your way home the unit will know as it communicates with your phone to see where you area in if you are in a certain range it will then turn the boiler on to ensure a warm reception when you arrive. If you return without your phone there is an overide facility on the unit next to the boiler. Also if you work within a short distance from the hose this could also give the unit wrong information. If that the case you would use

Your Smart Phone is the key to controlling your heating. As you can see the temperature that you require is displayed on the phone and you can decrease or increase this to suit your needs.
You can also switch of the heating or turn it on. You are in control.

If you don't have your phone or pc then there is an overide located on the main control box situated next to the boiler